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  April 08, 2003
OIL'S WELL (GameBoy Advance) - v0.9
Oil's Well (GameBoy Advance version)  Although not 100% complete, this is a fully playable version of Sierra's 1983-classic "Oil's Well". I haven't done any work on this one for almost a year now, and although it doesn't seem too likely that I'll have the time to wrap up it's loose ends any time soon, I figured it'd be a pity if nobody 'out there' would even be aware of my puny attempts at creating something for the GBA. Therefore I am hereby releasing 'my' recreation of Oil's Well upon the public. It's fully playable, nearly complete, featuring:
  • all 8 levels of the original, repixeled by hand for the 240x160 GBA-screen
  • hi-scores saved to sram or whatever storage medium your flash-card has
The only thing you'll find missing are the flickering bonus-cups and the flickering bombs that would randomly appear in the original version. If you have experience programming for the GBA, and the nostalgia you experienced upon encountering this little home-made product made you feel like helping out in creating a final version, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll dive into the huge mess that is my gba-development folder to extract the latest sourcecode for you to work with.
Note: on emulators the game runs at about twice the speed as it should (at least, it does on the systems I've tested it on), so for the correct speed you should really run this one on the actual hardware.
Download:  OILSWELL_V09.ZIP (88kb)
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